Service is OUTSTANDING. The owner, Chris, calls me if he can't fill my full order or if there will be a delay. We stopped into the store one day, and he was friendly and helpful then, too...
~ Order 1599
I think Natures Nibbles is a fabulous undertaking in a world full of mainstream PETCOs and PetSmarts. Not only does Natures Nibbles offer supremium quality foods and treats for the animal in your life, they also have free DC delivery... Thank you, Natures Nibbles!!!!
~ Order 966
Natures Nibbles was prompt, reliable, and very accommodating, even special-ordering a product for me.
~ Order 501

Precious Cat Ultra Clumping 18lb

Precious Cat Ultra Clumping 18lb
Precious Cat Ultra Clumping 18lb
Item #:PCC2-18lb
Size :18lb

Additional sizes available...

Precious Cat Ultra Clumping 40lb
Precious Cat Ultra…a unique formulation that combines the heavy non tracking granules of the Classic with a medium grain clay. The result is an excellent clumping litter that prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the tray, while providing a clump that will not break down. Ultra is perfect for multi-cat families and those cat owners with sifting or mechanical litter boxes. Like Classic, it has superior odor control. 99.9% Dust Free Hypo-allergenic, contains no plant proteins All Natural Hard clumping Multi-cat Ideal for sifting/mechanical litter boxes Superior odor control

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